We offer a combined list of private sector, non-profits, condos and co-ops which have either gone smoke-free or are in the process of doing so.

Smoke-free Housing Directory (December 4, 2017)


  • Many of these buildings are in transition to becoming 100% smoke-free, but may have existing tenants who are grandfathered (permitted to continue smoking).
  • To ensure  a good understanding of the policy and its status (e.g. is it still in transition?), be sure to ask questions before you sign a lease.

Map of Municipally Owned Social Housing (BETA)

Other Directories:
If you are searching for rental housing, try searching online for smoke-free accommodations using websites such as Kijiji (must use open search field) or Craigslist (use filter).  For student housing, you can use Search4StudentHousing.com (use ‘advanced search filters’)

Add your building:
If you are a housing provider (e.g. Landlord) with a smoke-free policy, please let us know by completing this easy to use form.

You can directly search using a filter on Craigslist.

On Kijiji, there is no filter so you must use an open search term such as ‘smoke-free or ‘no smoking’.

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