Good News for Smoke-free Housing

The Ministry of Housing has completed the process of developing the Standard Lease.   The use of new standard lease will become mandatory for most residential leases*  on or after April 30, 2018.    

The lease includes Section 10 which invites parties to agree to a smoking policy.   The section gives space to describe the policy in detail.  A screenshot of the section is below.

The measure will make it much easier for Landlords and Tenants to agree to smoke-free policies and over-time will substantially reduce exposure to second-hand smoke.

The Ministry of Housing has further details.     For the Standard Lease form, please go to the Ontario Central Forms Repository

*Please note, exceptions include:

  • care homes (for example, retirement homes)
  • mobile home parks and land lease communities
  • social and supportive housing exempt from the rent rules under the RTA

Smoking Policy Section in the Standard Lease

smoking-section of standard lease

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