We hear from lots of people living in multi-unit dwellings who are being involuntarily exposed to their neighbours’ second-hand smoke, and they are often surprised to learn that it is possible to prohibit smoking in the private units of their building.

Others are under the impression that no-smoking policies are illegal or discriminatory. The good news is that no-smoking policies are legal, non-discriminatory AND enforceable.

This section aims to simplify and clarify the issue by presenting information on:

  • the laws that have a bearing on the problem of second-hand smoke infiltration in housing co-ops in Ontario; and
  • legal opinion on the prevention of smoking in multi-unit dwellings (including housing co-ops) in Ontario that was commissioned by the former Ontario Tobacco-free Network, a provincial interagency network consisting of the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and the Lung Association, with input from the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association.

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