Welcome to our website dedicated to the issue of second-hand smoke in multi-unit dwellings and the promotion of no-smoking policies. This site will provide information and assistance to tenants who are suffering from second-hand smoke seeping into their homes from neighbouring units.

While provincial and municipal laws provide Ontarians with extensive protection from second-hand smoke where they work, shop, dine and play, many people are still being involuntarily exposed where they live. Despite strong public support and demand for smoke-free homes, there is a significant shortage of smoke-free buildings for Ontarians who want and need to live smoke-free.

If you are suffering from second-hand smoke infiltrating your home on a frequent and on-going basis, our site will provide you with useful information and tools, including:

  • taking action section for addressing the problem of second-hand smoke;
  • Tools to make your efforts easier;
  • Important information on laws and legal issues, including a legal opinion on no-smoking policies in rental apartments; and
  • Surveys conducted with residents of multi-unit dwellings.

Also, check out When Neighbours Smoke: A Tenant’s Guide, as well as our common questions section.

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