As landlords and property managers, you have the choice to take action that goes above and beyond the provisions of Ontario’s smoke-free legislation.

A no-smoking policy is a clause in the lease that prohibits smoking in the unit, part of the building, the whole building or the entire property. The choice is yours. To be clear, a no-smoking policy:

  • Does not prohibit smokers from renting accommodation;
  • Does not evict current smokers;
  • Does not  force tenants to quit smoking; and
  • Is not a law that forces landlords to provide non-smoking accommodations.

While provincial and municipal laws provide Ontarians with extensive protection from second-hand smoke in enclosed workplaces and public places, many people are still being exposed to unwanted second-hand smoke in residential multi-unit housing.

Adopting a no-smoking policy is legal, easy to do, saves money, and offers an exciting marketing opportunity. Whether you are tired of responding to complaints about second-hand smoke infiltrating private units, interested in reducing the cleaning and maintenance costs associated with second-hand smoke, or concerned about the health and well-being of your residents, it is time to consider adopting a no-smoking policy for your building.

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