There is increasing public awareness and appreciation of the problem of second-hand smoke infiltration in multi-unit housing, and members are starting to speak out about it. Boards of directors are beginning to realize that no-smoking policies are a legal and enforceable, healthy, and financially beneficial option for co-ops. 

Here are a few examples of co-ops which have gone smoke-free in Ontario. 

Conservation Co-op

As is common in so many multi-unit buildings, residents were complaining about second-hand smoke (SHS) infiltration in their homes from neighbouring units. Complaints were not just about tobacco smoke either; the board was receiving complaints regarding marijuana and hashish smoke as well. In 2010, in response to a member’s request, the board struck a SHS committee.  More…

Beechwood Co-operative Homes

Smoking was an ongoing issue for this community. A significant number of members were being involuntarily exposed to second-hand smoke from neighbouring units due to seepage. Attempts were made to conduct repairs and limit the transfer of smoke, but these efforts proved expensive and ultimately unsuccessful. More…





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