• Smoke-free housing policies protect residents from harmful tobacco smoke exposure and also support smokers who want to reduce or quit smoking.

    Dr. Pam Kaufman
    Dr. Pam Kaufman Scientist, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
  • I am one of the truly blessed now to be safe in affordable smoke-free housing.

    Joan Day
    Joan Day Tenant, Hastings County
  • After spending thousands of dollars trying to prevent second-hand smoke from infiltrating units, it became apparent the only and best solution was to make the 90-unit condominium a smoke-free facility. Smoke free makes us more attractive to future residents.

    Brian Schryver R.C.M.
    Brian Schryver R.C.M. Property Manager, ProGuard Management, The Galleries Condominium, Collingwood
  • It should be noted though that the process wasn’t easy…neighbours encouraged neighbours and ... clean air prevailed.

    Colette Fortin
    Colette Fortin Owner and Board Member, Vista on the Park, Ottawa
  • With the support and co-operation of the Board, management and staff, going smoke-free has been one of the easiest policies to implement.

    Carol Barber
    Carol Barber Program Manager, Cochrane District, Social Services Administration
  • Careless use of smoking materials is a leading cause of fire and the leading cause of fire related injuries in the home. Creating smoke-free housing removes one of the leading fire hazards affecting our community.

    Alex Freeman
    Alex Freeman Fire Prevention Officer Markham Fire & Emergency Services
  • Housing York consulted with tenants and worked with York Region Public Health to develop a smoke-free building policy that carefully considers tenant needs while meeting our goal to create healthier communities. This housing and public health partnership supported successful implementation of the policy in 2014.

    Randall Profitt
    Randall Profitt Manager, Operations, Housing Services, The Regional Municipality of York
  • When we realized it was legally available to us we decided to give it a shot and we're quite happy that we did it, it's been quite successful.

    Allan Drewlo
    Allan Drewlo Vice President of Drewlo Holdings
  • ...there’s really no way to protect people in buildings from some level of secondhand smoke exposure without simply making those housing structures smoke-free. The Globe and Mail (September 9, 2014)

    Dr. David Warner
    Dr. David Warner Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
  • I've told my landlord that this is a life and death issue for me. Metroland News Service (July 24 2014)

    Deanna Staats
    Deanna Staats Tenant, Hamilton

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