The smoking rate in Ontario is approximately 18%. The vast majority of Ontarians don’t smoke, and over three-quarters of all Canadian households do not allow smoking indoors. Smoke-free housing is already a social norm in this province.

There are many benefits of a no-smoking policy for your condo:

  • Reduces or eliminates second-hand smoke infiltration between units
  • Reduces staff time spent dealing with second-hand smoke complaints
  • Reduces the risk of fires
  • Increases marketability
  • Offers a healthier indoor environment
  • Helps protect your investment

A no-smoking policy will reduce the risk of fires at your condo, which in turn could have an impact on insurance rates over the long run. According to the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal, tobacco materials (cigarettes, cigars and pipes) remain the #1 ignition source of fatal residential fires. In the decade from 1998 to 2007, cigarettes were responsible for almost 600 fires per year, and over one quarter (29%) of all fire deaths.

Cigarette fires are typically the result of careless handling of lit cigarettes, such as leaving a lit cigarette unattended, smoking in bed or smoking while under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or medication. As a result, fires ignited by smokers’ materials have a much higher fatality rate than those started by cooking equipment, another common ignition source for house fires.

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