Smoke-Free Ontario –

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act affects people in all walks of life, including landlords, proprietors, employers, workers, retailers and health care service providers. Find out how the Act affects you.

Condominium Act, 1998 –

Condominium corporations are subject to the provincial Condominium Act1998. Find out how it affects you.

Canadian Condominium Institute –

The Canadian Condominium Institute is the Voice of Condominium in Canada. It is a national, independent, non-profit organization dealing exclusively with condominium issues.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation –

CMHC is Canada’s national housing agency with many useful resources available online.

Non-Smokers’ Rights Association –

The NSRA is a non-profit health organization that has worked exclusively in the field of tobacco control for over 30 years. Its mission is to promote public health by eliminating illness and death caused by tobacco, including second-hand smoke.

Ontario Ministry of  Government and Consumer Services –

Health Canada –

See what Health Canada has to say about second-hand smoke, ventilation and indoor air quality.

US Surgeon General 

The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon General 2006

Ontario Human Rights Commission –

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has published guidelines to help improve equal access to rental housing in Ontario. The document, Policy on Human Rights and Rental Housing, is Canada’s first comprehensive look at how barriers to housing can be identified and eliminated.

Other Smoke-free Housing Websites

Smoke-Free Housing Canada –

Smoke-Free Housing Canada is a national website dedicated to educating landlords, tenants and condominium owners on the issue of second-hand smoke in multi-unit dwellings. The Canadian Smoke-Free Housing Coalition helps to maintain and provide guidance on this site.

Smoke-free Housing Quebec

Smoke-free Housing BC

Smoke-free Housing Nova Scotia

US Websites

Michigan Smoke-Free Housing

Oregon Smoke-Free Housing

Minnesota – Live Smoke-Free

Maine Smoke-Free Housing


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